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  Aims and Objectives of the
Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI)
aims and objectives
  • To promote the noble ideals of the National Institute as embodied in its motto: “Towards a Better Society”;
  • To promote understanding, unity, brotherhood and cooperation among the members;

  • To strengthen the relationship between the Association and the National Institute with a view to maintaining synergy;                                                                                     ...more>>

The need for government and the Nigerian society to constantly tap from the rich mix of high level manpower churned out by NIPSS informed the formation of Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI).




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THE FEDERAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT hereby decrees as follows:

Establishment of National Institute
1. (I.) There is hereby established a body to be known as the national Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (hereinafter in this Decree referred to as "the institute") which shall have the functions assigned to it by this Decree.

(II.) The Institute shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and may sue or be sued in its corporate name.

2. 1.  The government of the Institute and the direction of its affairs shall vest in the board of governors of the Institute (hereinafter in this decree referred to as "the board").

2. Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), it shall be the responsibility of the board to consider and approve:

a. The long-range plan of activities of the institute.
b. The programme of studies, courses and research to be undertaken by the institute;
c. The annual budget of the institute and
d. The investment plans of the institute.

3. The board shall consist of a chairman to be appointed by the Federal Executive Council and the following other members, that is:
a. the chief of defense staff or other senior member of the arm forces;
b. the Director-general of the institute
c. an eminent economist
d. an eminent political scientist
e. the Adviser to the federal Government on Science and Technology;
f. Four persons to be appointed by the Head of the Federal Military Government, being persons who by reason of their ability, experienced or specialised knowledge of administration or of professional or business attainments are capable of making useful contributions to the work of the institute.

4. The Federal Executive Council may terminate the appointment of a member of the board (not being an ex-officio member) if satisfied that it is not in the interest of the institute that the persons concerned should continue in office.

5. The supplementary provisions contained in the Schedule to this decree shall have effect with respect to the proceedings of the board and other matters therein mentioned.

3. 1. The institute shall serve as a high level center of reflection, research and dialogue where academics of intellectual excellence, policy initiators and executors and other citizens of practical experience and wisdom drawn from different sectors of national life in Nigeria would meet to reflect and exchange ideas on the great issues of society, particularly as they relate to Nigeria and Africa, in the context of the dynamics of a constantly changing world.

2. For the purposes of subjection 1. Above, the institute is hereby empowered:
a. to conduct courses for top level policy makers and executors drawn from different sectors of the national policy with a view to expanding their outlook and perspective and stretching there conceptual capacity and qualities of discernment and analysis and thereby helping to improve their overall performance in their different fields of action.

b. To award certificates of attendance to those who participate in a sufficient and satisfactory manner in any of its courses.

c. To conduct seminars, workshops and other action-oriented programmes whether on a continuing or ad hoc basis for leaders in the public services (including the armed forces and other disciplined forces) the private sector, political organisations, professional and other groups with a view to promoting, defining and enhancing appreciation for long-range national plans and objectives.

d. To identify, encourage, stimulate, assemble, organise and help deploy to the best national advantage the country's intellectual talents and experienced policy analysts, who are likely to make positive contributions to the treatment of complex policy problems.

e. To organise and carry out, on an interdisciplinary basis in intellectual support of those charged with making the implementing policy for Nigeria, research in depth into the social, economic, political, security, scientific cultural and other problems facing the country, and to formulate and present, in usable form, available options for their solutions.

f. To disseminate by way of publication of books, records, reports or otherwise, information about any part of its activities, to the extent deemed justified by the board in the interest of the nation, and generally, as a contribution towards knowledge and for better national and international understanding and

g. To promote or undertake any other activity that in the opinion of the board, is calculated to achieve the purposes of the institute.

3. The institute shall carry out its tasks and responsibilities in an objective, non-partisan manner, independently of any group in the body politic.

4. The Institute shall establish and maintain a library comprising such books, records, reports and other publications as may be directed by the board for the advancement of knowledge in the areas of work undertaken by it, for research purposes and for other purposes connected with the functions conferred on the institute by or pursuant to this decree.



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